The first step is a consultation over the phone, by email, or in-person at our shop in the River Arts District in Asheville, NC. We’ll want to know about the product(s) you want made – materials, construction, price points, production numbers, and a sample if ready. We will want a tech pack for each product. If you don’t have one yet, you can use our template here.

Fill out a Client Application here to get started.

Product Development

After an initial consultation, if your product(s) still need patterns, markers, or fine tuning, we will move on to product development. Handmade patterns will be transferred to oaktag or digitized. Markers are the layout of the pattern pieces on the fabric before cutting and will give you accurate material allocation. If any changes are to be made, it would be at this stage and must be reflected in the tech pack.

Our product development rate is $65/hour.  A 50% deposit is required before work begins.

If you are starting with a sketch or do not have a pattern or product to start with, you will need a pattern maker. We do not offer pattern making or grading services except for handbags and utility goods. We recommend Carolina Textile District and Maker’s Row to source these services.

Sample Making

A production sample is required for every product – for every size and sometimes every colorway. A production sample, paired with a complete tech pack, serves as proof of work and is how we price a product. Sample making is charged hourly at $55/hour with a 50% deposit before work begins. An estimate will be provided with initial consultation. Turn-around for sample making is typically 2-3 weeks, but dependent on current workload.

A piece rate quote is provided with your production sample. Piece rates are determined by time studies and our production rate at $40/hour. We will want to know your estimated volume beforehand.


Production may only begin after samples and quotes have been signed off on. Piece rates are determined by time studies taken during production sample making and expected volume. Our production hourly rate is $40/hour. Our minimums range between 20-50 depending on complexity and dimensions of the product. A larger more complex product will have a lower minimum.
For designers scaling up from in-house design, we offer buffet-style production. If you only need cutting, prep, or pre-production, we may break down piece rates into tasks per product. TBD during initial consultation.

Every production order must be accompanied with a work order including styles, quantities, colorways, sizes, and specifications listed. Also listed, we’ll need an expected drop-off date and all materials included.

An order will be scheduled with estimated shipping date in a follow-up email. Note the above lead time. That is the soonest production on an order may begin. Generally, allow 2-3 weeks on orders 100-300 units; 3-4 weeks on orders 300-700 units; 6+ weeks on orders 1000+ units.


We offer tagging, bagging, and order bundling. We do not offer order fulfillment or drop shipping.


A 50% deposit is required on all opening orders (development, sample making, and new production) with remainder due on receipt. Invoices are emailed with links for payment. Checks are always preferable, bank transfers and cards are also accepted. 3% fee on debit and credit cards.