Frequently Asked Questions

What are your required minimums?

We start with minimums as low as 20-50, depending on the complexity of the product. (More complex products may have smaller minimums)

Can you source my fabric/trim/hardware?

We do not offer material sourcing and we are not a full-service contractor. We recommend Carolina Textile District, The Sourcing District and Makers Mart.

Do you accept rush orders?

Rush orders are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Rush order fees may range between 25-50% depending on quantity and timeframe.

What if my material drop-off is delayed?

If material drop-off is late, you may lose your slot on the production schedule. If material drop off is delayed by four days, it doesn’t mean your delivery date is four days delayed. There are other clients scheduled with their own delivery dates. Let us know as soon as you know your materials will not arrive on time! We will do our best to reschedule you without much effect on your turn-around.

What are your methods of payment and when is my invoice due?

We accept all forms of payment, with preference for checks. Credit cards incur a 3% processing fee. We require 50% deposits with new clients and large orders. Payment is due on receipt.